FROM Franklin Park ,Illinois

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CREATED 8 months ago
  • Switch on equipment at the start of shifts and switch off equipment at the end of shifts.
  • Schedule regular equipment and tool maintenance and schedule repairs when needed.
  • Order materials needed for production.
  • Evaluate staff performance and organize training as needed.
  • Evaluate the quality of end products.
  • Ensure that the workspace is clean and neat.
  • Keep a record of work orders.
  • Ensure that health and safety laws are followed.
Monday, Sep 25
$112.5 /Day
Sep 25

Please note that pay is adjusted based on actual time worked. Job and times are also estimated.

  • $113
  • -$0
  • $113


  • Experience in manufacturing would be advantageous.
  • Knowledge of health and safety laws.
  • Excellent knowledge of equipment used in the manufacturing process.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to operate power tools a
  • On-site parking is available.

  • When you arrive at work, ask for the manager and let them know you have picked up this shift from JobAnyDay.

  • The Safety Fee is estimated to be $0 /Day
  • Review JobAnyDay Withdrawal Policy
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